“Nature chooses who will be transgender, Individuals don't choose this”


The word transgender or Eunuchs, mostly called Khwaja Sara in Urdu language in Pakistani society is considered to be a taboo. They are the most disadvantaged and marginalized of all. Which is why nobody wants to talk about them. From government to general public even their own families shuns them down and kept deprived of basic human rights and inclusion in the society. For the same reason they are denied access to education, health care, employment even respect, acceptance and more importantly recognition as human beings. Which forces them to engage in unwanted economic and social activities like begging, dancing, prostitution etc to earn their livelihood, often leading to human trafficking that further worsens the situation. The hatred towards them and societal misconceptions triggered the idea to challenge these norms and demand acceptance for the community.  

Who We Are

Actcept, is a campaign outlined to counter hate speech against transgender by providing civic-minded individuals an opportunity to interact and empower the transgender community of Pakistan. The campaign strives to diminish the hate speech and discrimination they face in society by taking a stand for them and by providing them with equal rights to education and employment so that they can claim the place they deserve in our society.