Actcept organized a one of a kind interactive session,"Trans Talk" which provides platform to the transgender community to be heard and an opportunity for others to hear them out in person.

Actcept Stories

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are… But, how much of it? When you are shunned away because you are different. Join us while we unfold the untold stories of not only courage, strength, sacrifice, resilience and survival.

Taraqi O Kamal

Mutual efforts never go in vain!

With the purpose that, the community shouldn't be deprived from their right to have access to equal opportunities, this impactful learning initiative, named 'Taraqi-o-Kamaal” was co partnered with The Training Lounge and Gender Interactive Alliance. It was a step forward for the transgender community in achieving their goals. Taraqi-o-Kamaal’s main focus was to help them improve their communication skills along with one-on-one counselling sessions. Better days await for them as they move one step closer in achieving better and equal opportunities.

Actcept Us

With our new ActceptUs campaign, we will be sharing CV's of those transgender individuals who are talented, competent and possess great potential However, their skills go unutilized due to lack of inclusion in local workspaces.

Its high time to change this narrative and promote a gender-inclusive work environment. If you are a potential employer, feel free to reach out to us.

How to be a better Ally

Since not everyone gets to interact with trans people on everyday basis it's okay to get confused but it's not okay to hurt them. A small action can leave an impact on their hearts forever. It's better to ask them how they'd like themselves to be pronounced as. They're an essential part of our society and it's important to take care of their sentiments.

Support a Startup

Actcept have always felt pride in supporting the transgender community. We feel blessed for getting such loving and kind response from our followers whenever we have Asked for something.

Today, a trans needs your help to earn the money for her livelihood and all she lacks is a sewing machine to get her business running.

Actcept needs donation to arrange a sewing machine for a trans shop and like always we know that you will not disappoint us. A small amount of money can add a huge chunk on your good deeds for your whole life and who doesn't want that?

Please contact us

Bank: FINCA Microfinance Bank

Acc #: 05010501165667344000

Ph #: 0311-2282378


Mai Kolachi Art Festival

Delivering Unconditional Cash Transfers (UCTs) to Khawaja Sira flood affectees in Sindh and are fundraising for the rehabilitation of community members' homes destroyed and damaged by the floods in the Sukkur-Rohri Metro Area, Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Dadu, Mehar, and Sehwan Shariff.

Other Work