A step towards an
inclusive society


— Vision

An inclusive society, where everyone is treated and respected equally and fairly.

— Mission

Help the disadvantaged and marginalized transgender community in Pakistan, gain their respectable place and rights.

— Motto

Be Supportive, Not Sorry.

— Trans Talk

Trans Talk event conducted in universities to provide a platform to the unheard transgender community to share their stories and connect with the youth.

— Actcept Stories

digital personalised and real stories to raise awareness about the challenges they are facing, aspirations and dreams they have and talents and skills they possess or want to learn.



We raise awareness amongst the masses by debunking myths and breaking stereotypes about the transgender community in Pakistan to create empathy, support and acceptance.

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Ensure every individual gets equal right to education, without discrimination – which is a basic human right. We Identify, provide and facilitate every kind of support to empower them with education or vocational training opportunities, in collaboration with our partner institutions.


Identify employment opportunities and bridge the gap between employers and transgender community by changing the employers’ mindsets towards inclusion and developing required skills sets to prepare them for the corporate jobs.

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Our Initiatives

With our new ActceptUs campaign, we share CV’s of those transgender individuals who are talented, competent and possess great potential However, their skills go unutilized due to lack of inclusion in local workspaces. Its high time to change this narrative and promote a gender-inclusive work environment. If you are a potential employer, feel free to reach out to us, as and when we promote a Trans person’s CV on our social media pages.

Mutual efforts never go in vain! Taraqi-o-Kamaal Project is an impactful learning initiative for trans individuals – carried out in collaboration with The Training Lounge, Gender Interactive Alliances & AKLFT. This program was a step forward for the transgender community in achieving their goals. The educational journey will focus on communication skills along with one-on-one counseling sessions. The community shouldn’t be deprived of their right to have access to equal opportunities. Better days await for them as they move one step closer in achieving better and equal opportunities.



Joshifa is a 14-year-old trans child who wanted to become a Doctor as dreamed by her deceased mother. Due to the gender stigma of Pakistan’s society she was forced to quit school, her far away relatives send her to Transgender community. Team Actcept got to know about Joshifa through Nisha, a trans-lawyer and social activist, who is her guardian. Soon we started contacting schools to help Joshifa continue her education. And eventually a not-for-profit school showed interest in helping team Actcept and enrolling Joshifa to their school.

Joshifa’s Testimonial

I also wanted to move ahead like ordinary girls and boys, my mother wanted me to become a Doctor and I want to fulfill her dream


Moni is a talented and confident young girl belonging to a family with humble background. Due to being a transgender she couldn’t continue her education or work. She finally has the courage to take up the challenge to claim her rights as an equal member of this society

Moni’s Testimonial 

We can do so much than singing, dancing or begging, we have the potential to become models, makeup artist and make coffee too” “Initially, I was reluctant to take up this job as a Barista. But with the support of my family and those around me, I was able to overcome my fears. I want to make a name for myself and I can’t do that while sitting at home. So, I had to be brave and take this step


Shahzadi is a founder of Pechra – an NGO that works for the protection of rights of transgender community. Shahzadi is actively working for a better future of her community. However, lack of good communication skills was a hindrance, which she is determined to cope up with an English language course.

Shahzadi’s Testimonal

Nobody can change our fate unless we ourselves are willing to do. Learning English language was much needed to improve my communication skills as a leader to bring change in my community; I am indebted to Actcept for recognizing my personal development and supporting my mission by sponsoring this course


Aradhiya, a 20-year-old trans activist is currently enrolled in Graphic Designing course sponsored by Actcept. She was nominated as an election observer by Fair Election Network (Fafen) to observe and note down any violation of rights against the vulnerable sections of society at any polling stations

Aradhiya’s Testimonal

Participation of Transgender in the Upcoming elections 2018 will change the fate of our community. We all are working tirelessly for the elections and Graphic Designing skill (supported with the help of Actcept) is helping me support our campaign while enabling my professional development